Falling For Form

I’ve been writing a few posts here and there for Bustle on books. It started with a binge read of Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels, and that spawned some spin-offs. Now I’ve got a post up spreading some love for books to read this season. It’s listicle posting, as they say, but I have always been a huge fan of lists: in poems, in writing, in life. I find them very grounding and the symmetry to the form is comforting.

Chaos, too, has its lure, and I will always be enamored with smashing frames. My first book has no “I”, and as Laura Goldstein says in an upcoming review at J2, it’s language copulating right in front of our very eyes. Or – “inside each sentence is a kinetic achievement.” Goldstein – thank you for your careful attention. That review isn’t available yet, so love these books over at Bustle in the meantime.

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