I’m writing a piece about dealing with rejection. Everyeveryevery writer I know has dealt with it. Heck, turns out non-writers get rejected, too. All kinds of no’s out there in the world. While we know this is part of the process, sometimes that shit just plain hurts. Stings. Sucks. Makes you want to curl up in your jammies, smear jelly on your face, and throw the crayolas at the wall. (Maybe that’s just me.)

It’s even been in the news lately:

Infamously, a white male poet got rejected tons of times (40?) then submitted under an Asian name and got accepted.

Then there’s Marlon James, Man Booker Prize winner, and everyone is just loving those memes of 80 times rejected for his first novel.

(Neither of them mention jelly.)

How do you deal with rejection if/when it comes? You can email me. Post here. Facebook. Tweet. Whatever, but I’m curious. Does it look anything like this?

sad jelly face
sad jelly face courtesy of

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