November News

I love fall. The smell of earth in fertile decay. The blood oranges, wine reds, and apple yellows decomposing into dirt brown. The undulating line of the landscape revealed as the trees drop their cover. Forgive me as I wax poetical (even that phrase!), but I swear I inhale more deeply this time of year.

Here’s what’s up writing-wise:

An interview I did of Jill Bialosky is up at Bookslut. What’s online is a nearly unedited (save a word or two) version of our email conversation. We talk Henry James, hype in the art world, women authors, and her new novel The Prize.

I’m working with a number of writing clients: a poet, a historical novelist, an auto-fictionalist, a comedic sketch writer, a personal essayist, and  no shit I’m ghost-writing a courtroom drama (this is SO fun).

I’m in process on a review of Helle Helle’s first novel to be translated into English. She’s Denmark’s most popular novelist, and Soft Skull Press is putting her book This Should Be Written in the Perfect Tense out in January. I’m reveling in her droll delivery and minimalist moments.

I’ve got some work in a new poetry anthology called Infiltration. It’s co-edited by Sam Truitt and Anne Gorrick and there’s an event on November 13 at Time and Space Limited in Hudson, NY. That same night is an installation event at NYFA’s Brooklyn space at which my first book is included with other NYFA Lit Fellows. I want to be at both! What to do?

Lastly, I’m reading with Mark Nowak in the Process to Text series co-curated by Anne Gorrick and Melanie Klein on November 17. I’m particularly excited about this one because students will be there and we will have a conversation with them after the reading. Cool flyer! (see below)

AND — as if all this bounty weren’t enough  my partner and I will be in the mountains at the end of the month. Apropos of nothing, there will be hiking.

Here’s that flyer.


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