Tis the December…

Today is World AIDS day. First of December and 21 days from the planet tilting back toward the light for the Northern Hemisphere. Yes, I’m counting. Also, I’m an amateur pagan, mostly because I like trees, so the solstice is notable for all sorts of reasons. I think I would enjoy floral crowns, being beribboned, and traipsing around on lavender and laurel. (Obvs. I’m all sorts of wrong, here.)

Being wrong leads me to subjectivity. As it happens, I have six “irrefutably” subjective responses to Miles Klee’s interesting stories posted at Entropy Mag today. Like your “thought wrought materially”? Interested in data with emotions? Then you, too, just might want to add of True/False to your reading pile.

Later this week, on Thors’ Day, a bunch of NYFA lit fellows will be reading in the open studios in DUMBO. I’m looking forward to hearing new to me writers and others I’ve admired and also taking my turn at the mic. Stop by if you’re under the bridge 12/3. Details at the link.

There are other things to say, and I will be saying them. Meantime, for your viewing pleasure, there’s this visual:

(I took this myself toward the end of 12 mile hike last week. I was so tickled by the personality of the spurble that I started back up the trail in the wrong direction after snapping this pic. No shit. Half a mile uphill later, I realized I was indeed no professional.)


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