So Sweet

I come bearing a link to another short piece as I count down the weeks til the workshop I’ll be leading at The Arts Center in Troy, NY starting on Jan 21. The course is called Short Form: Writing Creatively without Worrying What to Call It and it pleases me to (nearly) no end to make work that doesn’t care where you put it. Laurie Anderson has another way of putting this: defy the art police who say hey, get back in your genre!

The piece I bring you today is actually written by yours truly and features original artwork by Carabella Sands. It’s a bit of a precautionary tale on social mixing. Or just another day at the office for some of us. Either way it’s listed as fiction, but, then, doesn’t it feel so very true?

Too Hot at Hobart. 

tree mortality
Tree mortality image courtesy of FastCoExist

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