A New Year, A New Post

I don’t mean to brag, but it’s 2016 and I made it. I’m alive another year! So are you, obviously. Hooray! So, how are you spending your days? That is, after all, how our lives accumulate. A series of moments build into an arc and we do or don’t pay attention and at some point attempt to fix it with meaning. Or shape. A form, if you will. This leads me to talk again about short form in writing, which I adore. I love the plasticity of language and the page and how we can crash so many ways of looking at living together without ever turning one (page). Which isn’t to say that short form never spans them (pages), but that’s the beauty of making your own form for expression.

I’ve got an example of inventing what you need to tell your story online at Vol. 1 Brooklyn. How Was Your Day? is up as part of their Sunday Stories series and you might have look, then think about not only how yours was, but how you might want to spend more of them and perhaps consider Thursday evenings with your truly over at The Arts Center in Troy, NY for a Short Form writing workshop starting Jan 21. This very year!


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