Your Friend Bob

Everyone’s got one. Not Bob, maybe, but that someone you bounce your ideas off of who could shrug, sometimes, when you ask him a rote question that really is only rote if you shrug when you answer it. Perhaps, just maybe you have a different idea in mind, that is to find your own answer even if it doesn’t seem as if he or anyone else will care.

What am I on about dear reader? I’m talking about new year’s resolutions and intentions and Lydia Davis and finding your answers on the page and so yes writing and short form and we care or at least I do (I can’t speak for Bob) but there will be a handful of us at a table starting this Thursday Jan 21 eve at The Arts Center in Troy, NY seeing what we want to vow to ourselves or on paper or out loud or not to be shared but written nonetheless and I don’t think anyone named Bob has signed up but if so we’ll be nice to him, won’t we.


Bobdobbs via Wikimedia




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