Ends, Beginnings, and Everything

What an amazing class at The Arts Center in Troy, NY that was. Short Form and its contents (which wasn’t its official title but what’s in a title) was a great experience. Last night for our closer, we looked at Sarah Manguso’s Ongoingness and wrote about what we would pass on into the current of history. We also walked around with Borges, Neruda, and even a story I’ve got coming out shortly in The Brooklyn Rail called Modern Bodies. Speaking of which, I should be proofing that copy right about now. But the class was so wonderful I had to drop everything to tell you about it. A testament to testimony, if you’ll allow me that.

Soon there will be news of readings – next one is March 12 at The Spotty Dog in Hudson, NY. That’s part of Volume Reading Series and features an all-star line-up which I’ll post shortly. Meanwhile, listen to this on repeat:

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