Hudson, Brooklyn

Both on the same river. One a city in upstate NY that grew through the whaling industry. Also the home of Spotty Dog Books and Ale which hosts the Volume Reading Series where I’ll be reading next Saturday, March 12. The all-star line-up of writers includes Andrea Kleine, Jim McDermott, and Rebecca Keith. And there will be a DJ named DJ Salinger. Starts at 7 PM. There’s an event page at the link.

The other is a city borough  state of mind, some say. Also included in the name of many a cultural publication, but the one in particular I would like to point your attention to is The Brooklyn Rail wherein I have a new short story up. And in print. In fact, if you happen to see a copy will you pick me up one?

Here for your viewing pleasure is a picture of Lucy Lippard reading an issue.


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