Yeah, that’s all I got for clever as far as title goes. Short, sweet, true. Same as this post. Just popping in here to note a few things….

First is about my last interview for the last issue of Bookslut. I’ve so enjoyed talking to other writers for this venue. Here’s the link to my conversation with Mary Rakow on her lyric novel This Is Why I Came.

Next is a reading notice for a May 15 gig at Olana with writer Matthew Friday. From their site: “Friday and Benson make art about landscape and commerce: What is our currency; what is spent? What will we declare when we take inventory of our landscape through travel and notation? What cultural edges and borders appear in maps of our resources?” This takes place Sunday, May 15 from 1 to 3 pm. If you’re in the Hudson Valley, consider coming up the hill for it.

Olana South Facade



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