Fall? Fall.

The day after the Summer solstice I feel the turning of my corner of the planet from the sun. It’s always just there over my shoulder: the contraction of days, the purging of nectar that is itself an apotheosis. Yes, it’s still August – and not even fully mid-month as yet! I have travel to come and that manuscript I’m ever revising to finish (I WILL send this back to the agent by end of September, I will). I haven’t got summer semester grades in for gd’s sake. But I sense it, don’t you? It’s coming. We see ourselves in the future before we get there, often with varying degrees of intention. What images come unbidden. Which ones do we devise.

All this to say, if you would like to schedule yourself some writing time in a workshop with yours truly, why not now? Now, that is, for then.

I’m leading two sessions of Short Form writing at The Arts Center in Troy, NY. You can take either or both. I led this last late Winter and it went swimmingly well. In fact, those participants are invited to come back! No repeats, save for the repetition of showing up to the page, to a writing practice, to our memories and imaginations. The first session begins September 15. Here are the details and you can click on the title for more.

Short Form: Writing Creatively Without Worrying What To Call It – I

September 15, 2016 to October 20, 2016 — 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Member:151 | Non-Member:168 Enrollment Max: 16

This course is designed to get the pen moving. Once we’ve got writing down, we can look at what form could help us move it along. Poems, blog posts, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, status updates – we’ll make it all. Don’t worry if you think you don’t write in a certain form (or much at all). These exercises are designed to get us to write first, then ask questions later. We’ll come away with a mini-portfolio of short pieces.



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