Troy Night Out!

I run writing workshops at The Arts Center in Troy, NY a couple of times a year. As I always say to participants, this is such an opportunity to engage with each other in a way that foregrounds our humanity via our relationship with language. (Also, it gets me out of the house.) The next workshop starts in April. You can find more info about it and sign up here.

However! This Friday, January 27, participants from the last workshop will be reading at The Arts Center in the theater as part of Troy Night Out. Come support the writers! We’ll be there from 6 to 7:30 PM. Then you can check out the art (exhibit photo pictured below), wander the streets, grab some tasty vittles in downtown.

Here’s the list of readers:
Ann Khanna
Jean Bolgatz
Zach Stewart
Laura DiGrigoli
Molly O’Gorman
Sara Weeks
James Carr
James Marchetti
Deborah Hrustich
Teri Mayor
Rosemarie Nash


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