Reading, Writing, Thinking, Acting

Do it.

Do not let the urgency of the moment keep you from doing the things that fill you up.

Do not let anyone’s abusive agenda lead you to be abusive to yourself or others.

Do let yourself be moved.

Do let yourself be challenged.

Do give yourself time to reflect, recharge, retool.

Do consider the long arc, the context, the words of those who’ve come before.

Do pen screeds, manifestos, declarations, letters to the editor.

Write about kittens, sure. Or also. As needed. Small moments.

Write about doubt.

Write with certainty.

Go to where the edge of what you know meets the unknown. Another person.

Go to libraries.

Avoid comment streams, when possible. Or, as Anna McCarthy via Lisa Duggan says, be a troll in service of love.

Do not forego time with trees.

And if it’s your turn up at bat, take it.


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