Soggy July

It has been super wet in my corner of the world. We got blasted with 2-3 inches of rain in an hour last week after weeks of generally rainy weather. This is nothing compared with what some parts of Europe are experiencing, and the drought and wildfires out west are even worse. Climate change is here. Or as I heard someone describe it recently, climate weirding. It is and is going to be a very bumpy ride that many will not survive. Well, none of us will survive indefinitely. How to live now?

My latest Dispatch from a Distance, Turning Toward the Sun, is up at Best American Poetry. In it I walk my way through some of these thoughts – and emotions. Please have a read. It’s not as much of a bummer as it might sound. In the meantime, the sun has come out today. Here, have a gander at a photo I was lucky to capture of a female ruby throated hummingbird buzzing the bee balm out front of my home.

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