Write with Me

Come write short in the next session of my Writing Flash Fiction & Creative Nonfiction class at Writing Workshops. The course is fully online and user friendly. There are a ton of prompts, lots of helpful deadlines, generative themes to each lesson, and readings from some masters of the form. I absolutely LOVE this course. The writing that comes out of it is always interesting. Always.

Here are the details:

8-Week Online Short Form: Writing Flash Fiction & Creative Nonfiction  
Starts May 16, 2022

This ONLINE flash writing workshop is built for writers at any point in their journey (beginner through advanced) who want to focus on creating a batch of short pieces in either fiction or creative nonfiction – or both! There is an amazing abundance of short writing being published in print and online. This course is designed to take part in this conversation.

Not only will we read, discuss, write, and revise short works, but we will also consider possibilities for publishing this writing. Each participant will have the opportunity to workshop twice. This critique will be grounded on the principles of honesty, generosity, consideration, and respect. Participants will find their own writing and revising get sharper as they hone their skills at responding constructively to others’ work.

You can find more information and sign up to take part at the link. Join us!

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