“…extraordinarily lush and dexterous aggregation of language…Very highly recommend.” – Huffington Post

“velvety, Gertrude Stein-worthy snapshots”– Brooklyn Rail

“The beauty of (made) is that…[i]f it asks anything, it is to leave questioning aside…” – Constant Critic

“to read (made) is to inhabit a radical openness” – Tarpaulin Sky

“What captures my attention and then holds my interest is Cutbank’s predilection for strong, inviting first lines [like] Cara Benson’s prose poems (though I am not sure they couldn’t also be labeled sudden fiction)….” – New Pages on excerpts from (made)

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predictionsCultural Writing. Edited by Cara Benson, with contributors Paul Raskin, Bart Bridger Woodstrup, Julie Sadler, David Zuzga, Jason Zuzga, and Monica de la Torre.

“Benson’s presentation of Predictions is a pre-sentient collection of visions that catalyze humans to realize, as Raskin notes, ‘’Business-as-usual’ is a utopian fantasy—forging a new social vision is a pragmatic necessity.'” – Brooklyn Rail

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Let Me Be Clear

Poems from Bernie Sanders’ filibuster speech on December 10, 2010 as (re)written at Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility in Wilton, New York by D. Anderson, Jerry Andrew, RC Brown, Jareau Carter, Daniel Felder, Dempsey Hawkins, JJ Davies, Ismael Melendez, Danny Nelson, & Eric Perez. Edited and with an introduction by Cara Benson.

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The Secret of Milk

“Benson’s writing … deals very much with the consequences of the things we make, as writers or as humans, whether in our literary production, or here, specifically, the dairy industry, asking the difficult questions that are usually, deliberately, overlooked. And in certain sections, is she talking about writing or milk production? Possibly, and beautifully, applying a single morphing strain of argument to both.” – rob mclennan

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Quantum Chaos and Poems: A Manifest(o)ation


What does it mean to make manifest in matter that which is poem, née words? Benson’s Quantum explores this conundrums. Part proem, part p)article. It’s a paper. It’s “glissading text around the order/disorder binary….” – roughly speaking, Christopher Rizzo. “In a good way.” Lots of juicy quotes. Winner of the bpNichol Chapbook Award.

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