I have found that creating a body of work takes time, commitment, and, well, work. I need to show up to the page day after day and also to take part in conversations with other writers – to talk shop, as it were.

I’m very excited to join the ranks at Writing Workshops Dallas with this ONLINE class starting in April!

Short Form: Writing Flash Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction
ONLINE for Writing Workshops Dallas
April 9, 2018 to May 28, 2018

This ONLINE flash writing workshop is built for writers at any point in their journey (beginner through advanced) who want to focus on creating a batch of short pieces in either fiction or CNF – or both! Currently, there is an amazing abundance of flash being published in print and online. This course is designed to take part in this conversation. Not only will we read, discuss, write, and revise short works, but we will also consider possibilities for publishing this writing. Each participant will have the opportunity to workshop twice. This critique will be grounded on the principles of honesty, generosity, consideration, and respect. Participants will find their own writing and revising getting sharper as they hone their skills at responding constructively to others’ work. A one-on-one conference with the instructor via Skype is included.

Also this Spring, an in-person:

Writing About Politics:
Strategies And Inspiration For Creating Artful Responses To The Current Climate

Saturday, May 5th, 10:30am-1:30pm
Grub Street, 162 Boylston St #5, Boston, MA 02116

Are you feeling moved to grapple with the contemporary moment in your writing? Are you concerned that if you tackle political topics in your work, the art will suffer? Whether you have been focusing on politics for some time or are new to considering it for your literary writing, this workshop can help you find interesting entry points for your work. We will read and discuss pertinent passages in a variety of literary genres and write in response. Some of the writers who will guide us include Grace Paley, Rafia Zakaria, Toni Cade Bambara, and others. You will come away with strategies for developing new or existing work as well as a number of new drafts. The exercises can be responded to in fiction, creative non-fiction, poem, essay, or hybrid form.


I am taking individual clients. More about that here.